Beauty is a beast!

A big moment in my life: my sister challenged me that my PR of 195 lbs was no big deal…she crushed herself under 155 and I kept going to 215! I danced around the box shouting “I am better at something than you!!!” Being a little sister, I rarely have these moments!

My very first post…so here’s a little about me: I am just a girl who loves Jesus, who is obsessed with Crossfit, who went to culinary school and who enjoys writing. I’d like to share my WOD adventures, my recipes and my joy with anyone who wants to hang around and read what I have to say.

I am committed to become the fittest version of myself and although this is no easy undertaking I try to approach my goals with a freaking smile on my face!

Today’s WOD at Crossfit on Track

5 Rounds for time (cap 30 minutes)

5 hand-stand push-ups (modified to box) I need to practice these

10 wall ball (12 lb)

9 push press (45 lb)

10 wall ball

12 Ring dips (one foot assist)

10 wall ball

20 kettlebell swings (20 lb) * go up to 1 PUD next time

TIME: 22 minutes 37 seconds

It was a good WOD, I focused on each rep and kept moving the entire time. I really paid attention to my breathing (I did not hyperventilate!) and working without stopping. This was a breakthrough workout for me, as was yesterday. It has been critical for me to stay focused on the current rep and not freak out about the work left, I aim for consistent pacing, and then go all holy terror on the last round. Probably my hardest work in this WOD were the handstand pushups and the ring dips…I am not convinced I am getting the fullest ROM or toughest work with these two modified exercises.

Physically I am still kind of achey, my back is stiff and both my knee and elbow are a little wonky. I am taking it easy on weight right now so that I don’t totally destroy myself.

Hand Stand Pushup Progression I like this video, I’d like to keep working on getting my head to floor, depth and push ups are a constant battle for me…but every day I am getting better!