SORE is a four letter word


Warm-up: Skinny Fran…45/ring rows. It was not faster than when I did the benchmark, but my depth was awesome and it was a warm-up. 

Deadlift Work-up: 135 lbs…I know I can do a bigger DL than this….but until my back is right and I have perfected this form…which was much improved today utilizing the hip thrust I found an incredible amount of power and kept the lift from touching my low back! YAY! ME!! 

Clean Work-up: 85 lbs (consistent! my form here is getting GREAT! I am feeling very confident about this movement, I will continue working of course, but I have come a long way)

There were some box jumps. I was mental. I literally have to stare at the box for a solid minute, I never think I am going to make it up there and yet I do. Last week I was able to get the taller of the boxes, a first! Today I stayed on shorty. He was very friendly, it was not challenging enough, but I wanted to commit. I will keep facing the box. 

Final part of today’s WOD….double under practice with AMRAP knees to elbows and pull-ups. I was feeling pretty weak at this point, but I am focusing on getting myself into an actual pull-up, where I rely less on bouncing off the box, and do an actual full extension and lift. It’s really hard. I weigh 199 pounds, and even with an assist and decent upper body strength, that’s a lot of weight for me to move. If I consider that I can clean 85 pounds and let’s just say front squat 125 (perhaps a 1 RM) that’s still 75 pounds of body weight I am trying to pull. I have work to do, both in reducing my overall BW and increasing my upper body strength.  And my core strength to try and alleviate my back pain. It’s a lot, but one step at a time, or one rep at a time 🙂 I actually felt like this was a pretty chill WOD. I was worried when I saw it, but it was all strength stuff and I LOVE strength stuff, it’s my happy place. Now tomorrow….that’s stressing me out. I hope I am feeling less achey….but even so….I am happy (grateful) to have a body that can do this work.