I just set a PR that I have been working towards for nearly 4 years (well technically I have been working towards this goal since elementary school) but I ran a mile in 8:53!!!! It was hard to finish because I was sprinting and bawling and my shorts were riding up – but I freaking ran. Before starting Crossfit 10 weeks ago my mile average 13-15 minutes and running was hard, but I completed many 5K’s and enjoyed the challenge. My last 5K was at the end of May, the Amy Thompson run and it was decent, although my back was hurting (shocking I KNOW!) but it was here that I met my sports medicine guy who has been fixing me…the overuse stuff that’s all me, but he uses myofascial release techniques that I absolutely love. Anyway, running this mile today was a huge milestone for me and it reminded me that I cannot forgo running in my love of Crossfit. I actually like running (GASP!) and today, for the first time ever, my endurance was right up there with my mental desire to run fast. So all you Crossfit haters can suck it. My SPORT is making me better at everything!!

As far as this goal is concerned the closest I had ever come was running a 12 minute mile, and my official goal is to at least one time in my life run an 8 minute mile. When I was a kiddo running the school mile was the most mentally overwhelming day for me at school, from 4th grade to high school I would hyperventilate every time this would come up, because I was the slowest, fattest kid in the class and everyone made fun of me. It would take me 20-22 minutes to complete a mile and by the time I got to high school, they actually asked me to walk on the treadmill because I was taking too long. I do not have fond memories of gym class. It seems that no matter how much weight I lose, I can’t get it out of my head that I was that little girl, the biggest girl in the class, the one they called “Duck.”  I realize this is off topic, but when I think about how big I was as a kid, compared to how fat kids are nowadays I am astonished. The size I was, is now pretty normal from what I have seen. Anyway, the point is, doing this today, running a mile in 8:53 pushed me to a new place within myself. I was a girl who didn’t run, and now I am a chic who won’t stop running (or jumping, or lifting or fighting for my dream.)

I want to be that chic, the one you see and you think to yourself, wow…she really works out. I want to see myself as that chic. I want to inspire other people to eat well, live well, and to sweat every day. I can’t even begin to express how much I have healed through fitness, God wanted me to start moving my body, and now I feel like I am seeing what he created me to do. It’s an awesome day my friends.