PULL-UP Challenge

Hey friends!

So a bunch of people at Crossfit on Track are working on the 100 day burpee challenge. This is a tremendous and respectable goal, but I don’t think it’s one I want to undertake right now. Why, you ask? Well, because I am actually feeling pretty decent about my burpees, after Friday’s workout, I realized that I am doing pretty solid work and my personal burpee challenge is to slim down my tummy so that I can get my feet close to my hands on the jump up. In ten weeks I have had a pretty substantial improvement on an exercise that used to terrify me…so YAY to continued progress and work on the dreaded burpee.

This community challenge has gotten me thinking about what one thing would I like to get much, much better at? The answer. PULL-UPS. Yesterday I worked for 30 minutes on a fractured Angie: 100 pull-ups, 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 air-squats. Overall this was a difficult work-out for me, not because the individual components were too much, but because I have been cheating on my pull-ups guys, and this last week I committed to not cheating. Why? Because I want to do every exercise correctly, I am not super worried about how fast, but I am very focused on right, because if I can build the foundation correctly than everything that comes after will be better, stronger faster and ultimately more awesome. So, yesterday, Angie, my pull-ups went something like this: 1 pull-up…(oh damn, I weigh ALOT!) 2 pull-ups, (ok full extension, drop all the way down….whoah I am really far away from the bar…NOW PULL) 3 pull-ups (ah!!!!!) 4 pull-ups (reverse grip to chin-up…why is the strict grip so freaking hard? why am I struggling…man that bar is far away…I could use some water…HEY! get to 5….maybe if I just push off the box, no YOU aren’t cheating….) 5 pull-ups….(if only I could figure out how to kip) and done. Now do push-ups (on my toes no less! and you better get full depth you are only doing 5….oh that wasn’t so hard….) Now 5 sit-ups…so easy and 5 air squats…Ok. Now do 95 more of each exercise. I am not sure what number I got to, guys, I just worked for the 30 minute time cap and really focused on form. I may have finished, but I think I got somewhere around 75 (still a damn good effort if I say so myself.) I half considered switching to an easier band or even ring rows, but I feel at this point it is important for me to start getting the pull-up. I also realize that much like the box jump, a pull-up is 75% psychological. Anyway, performance wise, this was not all-star, but I think the fact that I completed each rep as near perfect as I could muster is a HUGE improvement. So I’ll take it.

I digress, as I want to challenge myself to a pull-up challenge. The challenge is to spend 10 minutes everyday working on my pull-ups. AMRAPing, correcting form, mentally facing the bar, and working towards the blue band!! I also want to practice kipping and utilizing the proper grip. I am excited. By 2013 my goal is to be able to do any WOD Rx’d for pull-ups. That seems reasonable.

This also makes me hyper aware that the more body fat I shed the less I have to pull. Just another consideration. I want to get myself to the BOX everyday moving forward, even if it’s not to do the WOD, but to practice technique, to work mobility, to socialize and in general feel better about my day!

Would anyone like to join me in the pull-up challenge? Your end result doesn’t have to be the same, but that’s the great thing about Crossfit, we get to challenge ourselves to reach OUR best. My best looks much different than yours, but the mental reward is the same, every time I cross a threshold into some new place (which is happening almost everyday right now…) I am overwhelmed by how effective Crossfit really is. I have never experienced physical change like this. I have never really expected much from my fitness, or understood how it all works together to make me stronger, but this, this is something special. I’d like to add that for the first time in recent memory I woke up this morning, looked in the mirror and my first thought was, “Wow. I am not actually fat anymore.”

Happy Sunday everyone! See you tomorrow at the box.