before/somewhere in the middle

Here is somebody that I used to know. She was sad. New Year’s 2009 @ 241 lbs. This was before fitness happened to me. It has been a long road to transform and the one thing that is as true today as the first day. I am never going to be truly finished with this task, but each day that I choose to get better, to try harder and to finish my WOD is a day that I step closer to becoming the woman God intended me to be. Fitness has healed me, Christ has healed me….and the people I am meeting at Crossfit are becoming another part of my family. I love the box. I want to be an elite Crossfitter, someday’s it’s easy to imagine and someday’s it’s impossible to fathom…but I am committed to pushing my body, to strengthening my mind and pushing forward into a world of WOD’s that I cannot even imagine yet. Carry on my friends….and do Crossfit.

We sin in what we have done and what we have left undone. I will not leave my transformation incomplete, I will spend the rest of my life trying to become the woman God intended me to become.