August Stats (otherwise known as the least interesting post of the day…except to me…this is awesome!!)

Deadlift: 5 RM 175 lbs (current goal weight)

Back Squat: 1 RM 215 lbs

Front Squat: 5 RM 135 lbs

Snatch/Overhead Squat: 65 lbs working weight

Thruster/Push Press: Working weight 45 lbs (need work on endurance)

Clean: 3 RM 85 lbs

Pull-ups: 5 RM green band full extension, strict

Push-ups: 25 strict

Handstand: improving form, goal by end of September is to get myself into the handstand….working!! Still on progression from box, but yesterday used wall instead, depth & trusting myself in this position is a challenge.

Treadmill Mile: 8:53

Pavement Mile: 12:00 **going to run this tomorrow with a clock, because this is a guess

Attitude: AWESOME

Weight: 198 lbs (Halle-freaking-luyah!)

Sky: is the limit!!