September & October: the plan

I have been doing Crossfit for approximately 3 months and I have genuinely loved every moment. The unfortunate thing is that I have also spent the last 3 months struggling with back pain, even though it’s improved dramatically through physical therapy and mobility work, I am still uncomfortable. My back is tight, achey and my range of motion isn’t what it could be. I am focused on making sure that my form is solid and that my core continues to get stronger. I have even started researching breath technique, just so I can create more stability in my lifts.

What finally occurred to me is that my diet may be a major contributor to the inflammation I am experiencing in my back. This is frustrating and a bit overwhelming….what I eat could actually being creating an internal environment that is preventing me from reaching my next goals. Whoah. Hold up! The food I put in my mouth has a direct correlation to my overall health…(just kidding…I knew that) but what I didn’t realize was how sensitive my body is. That’s the thing about Crossfit, it’s pointing out my weaknesses…it’s highlighting my flaws, it’s like a fitting room mirror….everything shows up. So out of necessity my diet has to have a transformation of it’s own.

It’s the food you eat that controls the true changes in your body. Whether you are trying to lose fat or gain muscle/strength….100% of what you eat will either get you there in conjunction with your work in the gym, or it will negate everything you’ve done. When you have been overweight your entire adult life this is even more true based on my experience. If I don’t eat correctly, I cannot promote change within. Just like I must nourish my relationship with God in order for me to grow spiritually, I must nourish my muscles for them to grow and change my metabolic rate. The tricky thing is figuring what foods work best in my body, because the simple truth is that my diet MUST be right for my body and goals. That’s the tough thing about buying into a diet doctrine, it may not be right for you (or me) on a physical, emotional or spiritual level. So….where does this leave me? Spending 60 days focused on my diet, trying, experimenting, eliminating, adapting and learning!

My body has changed DRAMATICALLY, but the number on the scale really hasn’t budged. I am apparantely really good at maintenance….it’s just that I don’t want to maintain 199 198 pounds. My ultimate goal is to reach 141. That would mean I get to be in the league of people who have lost 100 pounds. That would be an incredible feat, and I am ALL about incredible feats. My goal is to hit 141 by May 16, 2013: my birthday!

At the end of 60 days my goal is to have reduced my body fat by 15% (which is approximately 30 pounds), I am trying hard not to be totally controlled by the scale as I know it’s not a true reflection of the work I am doing, but I know that I have 30 pounds of body fat to lose. I can see it whenI look in the  mirror, I can feel it when I pull-up. This goal would take me to a weight I haven’t seen since I was a pre-teen, both a sobering and EXCITING thought.

So here is a rough breakdown of what the next 8 weeks will entail:

Week 1: Paleo Light….Meat, Veggies, Fruit, Nuts,  8 oz whole milk daily, sprouted grains (specifically Ezekial Bread), Water, Black Coffee, Green tea – No sugar, beans, processed grains or alcohol **2 glasses of red wine permissable, minimum 96 oz water a day

Goal weight loss for week 1: 5-7 pounds

Week 2: Paleo Light**if goal is not met for Week 1, eliminate sprouted grains

Goal weight loss for week 2: 2-3 pounds

Week 3: Paleo Light*if goal is not met for Week 2, eliminate red wine

Goal weight loss for week 3: 2-3 pounds

Weeks 4 – 8 Paleo Light

Evaluate weekly, the following factors

1. Weight

2. Pain in back

3. Endurance

4. Level of fatigue

5. Overall health

I am excited, and I don’t feel like this is a challenge too out of step with what I have been already trying to achieve with my daily food intake. I just want to focus my eating so that it supports my workouts and makes me the best possible athlete. I will post my Week 1 diet plan tomorrow. It’s going to be very boring, it helps keep me honest!