Paleo Light…I’m a Cave Lady.

My Dad and Me in a cave in 2006.

My Dad and me in a cave in 2006. We are both MUCH thinner and MUCH healthier. Wow, I don’t even recognize that girl.

Breakfast will be the same every day:

1 egg

1 slice of ezekiel bread with butter

1 piece of fruit

1 piece of bacon if I so desire…cause that’s how I roll

Lunch Plate

Veggies 50%

Protein 25%

Carb 25% (such as….sweet potato, I can’t really think of another one…maybe squash?)

Fat 5%

(Shut up I know that = 105%. I am just giving it my all)

Dinner Plate

Veggies 75%

Protein 20%

Fat 5%

Snack options: hard boiled egg, jerky, nuts, larabar or whatever paleo snacks I can come up…but to keep it easy this week, I’ll stick with these. Snack when I am hungry, portion size should be smaller than the palm of my hand.

Post workout: Protein shake with almond milk (or water), fruit and ice! On really big lift days I can use milk in my protein shake if I so desire.

Paleo Light Food List

Fruits: 1-2 servings per day, limited to before 2 pm. Berries are especially fibrous!

Vegetables: Unlimited, all are acceptable. Dark, leafy greens should be a substantial portion of this category.

High Starch Vegetables (that could be considered grains): Sweet potatoes; once a day would be fine! Corn, white potatoes can be consumed occasionally, but should never be a main component of a meal.

Dairy: High quality dairy is acceptable, 1 serving per day

Meat, fish, poultry: all are acceptable, and should be consumed with every meal

Fats: Olive oil, coconut oil, butter are all fine. Avocado is also fine. Eat a 1 T portion with every meal.

Nuts: All are fine (no peanuts) 1-2 servings per day, keep portion size small as in 12 almonds or 1 T of almond butter. Small packs a big punch both in terms of being satisfying and carrying a dense calorie load.

Grains: Exception: Ezekiel Bread and maybe occasionally popcorn, otherwise…nope.

Legumes: No thank you.

Sugar: RUN!!

Water: 96 oz a day! Green tea can count toward my water goal, adding lemon to my water is an excellent flushing tactic too!

Daily Doses: Fish oil, Glucosamine/Chondrotin Supplement, Vitamin and Apple Cider Vinegar

Alcohol: No beer, no liquor, wine is ok, but limited to 2 glasses once or twice a week.


I realize that it’s essentially paleo, I really look forward to creating lots of new recipes and sharing them here. I love cooking, and I love the challenge of creating tasty food that promotes health and weight loss! I know for some people this would feel really restrictive. I would say the only tenant of paleo I am not 100% on board with is the idea that all beans are bad (except you soy! You are evil!!!) however, for the purpose of the next 60 days I will not eat them specifically because they do cause inflammation. Will I go the rest of my days without hummus, no, no sir I won’t. I am looking forward to my foray into simple eating and losing more fat!! I can’t wait to see more of my muscle emerging from underneath the layer of cush…I am after all a cave lady!!