Helen 3 Rounds

400 meter run

21 kettlebell swings (20 lb)

12 pull-ups (assisted)


Ah, Crossfit. Today my hands are a wee bit trashed. I busted a callous on my thumb and my palms are tender!! Thank goodness I am a woman who enjoy working with her hands and am unashamed at how most days, well I sort of look like a mechanic. I make up for my not-so-soft hands by being an awesome cook, and I try to keep them pretty by lathering them in cocoa butter vaseline at least 6 times a day. Sigh. Some women were gifted with beautiful hands, and some women were gifted with the ability to snatch big weights!

Also, did some one rep work today:

Snatch 65

Clean 85

Jerk 85

I don’t feel like these numbers are a true representation of my strength….but I have work to do on these lifts. My friend (and coach) Amanda knows exactly where I am when I am doing these….I am in my head, wondering how on earth I am going to manipulate a hip thrust and use that momentum to  swing a weight above my head, or into a front squat hold…the jerk wasn’t as taxing. I digress, remember what I said about my hands…well my whole body feels shot, so it kind of makes sense that today was a little rough. Not bad, by any means, just not as powerful as maybe it could be on a day where I was feeling a little less sore from Fran.

I am working on a recipe today for paleo protein cookies! I am looking forward to sharing…I really hope they turn out 🙂