What a WOD.

My Crossfit coach is gloriously crazy (you should see him do karaoke), AND his programming is beyond incredible, it stretches me to new limits every single WOD (and his insanity is fueled by a passion for truly helping people reach their potential). His counterpart (and awesome wife) is equally amazing, her ability to coach my skills blows my mind, she knows exactly what I am thinking, and exactly what to say to help me overcome poor form or a weak mental stamina (as well as being an incredible athlete!). I feel very lucky to know the Stites, and even luckier to consider them friends. Crossfit on Track is changing my life. Just felt like sharing that love today, because, honestly they deserve to be acknowledged for having the dream and ambition to open a Crossfit box.

If you are considering Crossfit I hope you are as lucky to find an environment that’s as challenging and incredible as my box (and you should demand that your coaches know what they are doing!!). I have never LOVED spending time at the gym the way I do now. It’s my place, and I think that’s why I am willing to try crazy things, I feel safe, and I know that my people will cheer me on and take care of me.  I’m doing handstands, pull-ups, somersaults (ok I haven’t but I will) and jumping on boxes. I am so excited about the time to come, where I am even stronger and have better endurance and I am freaking out about the day I do an unassisted pull-up!! (my goal by the way is November 1st)

Despite the competitive nature of Crossfit, I try and remember that my goal should always be to finish the workout with consistency, great form and an awesome attitude. Sometimes this is hard, especially when the WOD itself seems impossible. The impossible WOD, that was what today felt like.

Let me set the scene…

I am cozy in my bed last night, thinking about how smart I was for taking a rest day, and how I am going to attack the Saturday WOD with intensity and endurance! I will best myself, it will be amazing. Then I see this:

As Much As Possible in 30 Min

Part 1:
10 Rounds
5 Overhead Squats (95/65)
5 Burpee Box Jumps (24″/20″) *I did the 12″

30 Double Unders*I did 90 singles

Part 2:
10 Rounds
5 Wall Ball (20/15)
5 Handstand Push Ups
5 Pull UpsPart 3:
10 Rounds
5 Clean and Jerk (95/65)
5 Bar-Facing Burpees
5 CandlesticksWith time remaining – AMRAP
15′ Rope Climb
And I start laughing. Hard. What. The. WOD.
I knew I would need an approach to this one, I needed calm confidence, focused determination and potentially a puke bucket. So I broke it down mentally. Overhead squat 65#. Not a problem, I knew I would focus on two skills on these squats: 1. Snatch the weight without hesitation, using the full force of my hip thrust to get the bar overhead 2. Focus on tearing the earth apart with my feet to achieve the greatest depth and to maintain the best form. Then I would focus on an unbroken set. This I could do for 10 rounds. Then the burpees. 5 burpees, no problem. 5 burpees ending in a box jump. Ru-roh. I tried the taller box, I did, but it just wasn’t happening for me today. Somedays I just can’t figure out how to do a dang box jump. So mental, so I finished the burpee jumping on the 12″ box. Again, not really a problem. Then the double unders, I still haven’t figured out this exercise, so I opted for 90 singles. Generally a non-issue exercise, except I was having some crazy muscle seizure in my shoulder, so my focus here was to try to complete as many unbroken jumps as possible as quickly as possible.
The end result of this workout. I finished 7 full sets + overhead squats and 3 burpees in 30 minutes. I was sweating like a beast, and you know what. I felt good. I felt really, really good. I nailed those overhead squats, and those suckers ARE NOT easy. I kept moving, I could have moved a little faster, my brain sometimes gets in the way, but I am proud of the work I did, and I love that I keep getting better and stronger everyday.
I often wonder how athletes can train for hours and hours a day. I would like to do that. I really would, but what’s the benefit? Would it help me achieve my goals more quickly, I am curious. I want to try 2 a days soon. But I am going to start by incorporating additional mobility work into my day. I want my body to feel a wee bit less achey, and I’d like to try and achieve that without spending hundreds of dollars at the chiropractor.
On a side note, I’d like to share that today marked my 1 week milestone of paleo living. I feel great about the week. I weighed in at 197 pounds! That’s 2 pounds lost. I feel great about the recipes I came up with. My first attempt at paleo baking was a bit of a fail, but I am still working to concoct something paleolicious!
I was aiming for a 3-5 pound loss, and I unfortunately got a little tripped up on quantity of food. Everything I ate was paleo, but I still feel like I could have pared down and run more of a deficit. I also have developed an addiction to jerky and I’m worried the mass amounts of sodium may not be ideal for this phase of paleo & weight loss. It’s important for me to remember that even though paleo is healthy, that anytime I eat in excess I am unlikely to lose weight. Since my goal is to lose body fat, I still have to play the game. Eat at the right times, in the right quantities and drink that water!
Because I did not fully achieve my goal I am going to eliminate wine from my daily diet. I was drinking a glass of wine a night. My treat, but a sacrifice I am willing to make in order to achieve my ultimate goal of sexy athletic physique!