I did it! I got myself into a handstand, and was able to hold it. Yesterday I read a quick tip from the Crossfit page, it was talking about how the movement of an overhead squat should exactly mimic the lines of a handstand. So as I launched myself into the movement I imagined I was overhead squatting the earth. This created enormous stability in my upper body and then I just trusted my legs as they fell to the wall. I was SO happy, I shouted to my friend to come see me!! Good moment at the box for me. Goal set, goal reached! Next goal, consistently hitting the handstand and getting the handstand push-ups! I will be working all of September on this one. 

Pull-up progression: I am able to complete 3-4 unbroken reps on a green assistance band, with a full extension. 10-12 unbroken reps on the green/blue combo band. I am feeling good about my progression, but am looking forward to moving fully onto the green band. My goal is to keep hitting AMRAP with each band set-up, and to continue practicing the kip! I aim to be using the green band exclusively by (with correct form) October 1st!

Have a great Sunday everyone!! 

CrossFit Cue of the Day

“Would you do that in a handstand?”

Use handstand positioning to cue an overhead finish position. Asking “Would you do that in a handstand?” works to focus the athlete’s attention to sloppy midline/lumbar overextension as well as head/neck position not being ideal.

— Andrea Seward, CrossFit Level 1 Seminar Staff