It’s time to address the issue.

If you were my friend (which you kind of are, because I am intimately sharing my life with you here) I would tell you this: If you are in real pain, then your body is no longer telling you to ease up, it’s telling you to lay off. It needs time to heal, it needs a break from all the weightlifting and jumping and running. You cannot continue pushing if you aren’t working correctly. You must focus on what you can focus on: mobility, stretching, diet and treatment. I would genuinely mean all of this, and I would want you to listen to me, no matter how much I might miss working out with you, because I am smart and I know I am giving you sound advice. I also know, you’ll be back, you’ll be stronger and you will no longer be in pain.

These are the things I would sincerely tell you, as my friend, if you said: “I have arthritis in my back. My vertebrate have degenerated and my hips are misaligned causing massive pressure. Things aren’t all bad – in fact the Dr. was amazed that my spine isn’t completely curved – she accredited this to my commitment to exercise, and she commended me for doing all the right things. Unfortunately my pelvic bone is tilted and there is an 11 mm difference between my left and right hip. The degeneration in my spine has caused each of my vertebrate to twist slightly, so instead of being straight, it’s a bit wonky, she can realign this…but my hips, they will always be off-kilter, which is ok, and we can slow the degeneration, but not stop or reverse it. Crossfit will help, eating non-inflammatory foods will help, stretching will help, a positive attitude will help, but I am sad. This is not the first time that I hit 197 pounds and then gotten knocked off track by my back. Last time this happened, I was so depressed that I gave up, and within a year I gained back 27 pounds. I don’t want that to happen again, so what can I do? I am so frustrated, I want to be an athlete and today it hurts to walk, to sit, to cough.” You would say all of this with big fat tears in your eyes, and I know you mean it. You are terrified that if you aren’t doing Crossfit everyday that you will backslide, lose what gains you’ve made, and get really fat. I know how tied you are to your fitness and your goals, I know it is your number one priority and I want to hug you because I know this sucks. I also know that the pain will subside soon, and that no one has told you to quit exercising, I know you’ll be back at the box by tomorrow. I know this because it’s true. Even if you have to modify exercises, or pull back on weight. I know you’ll be ok, you’ll push through this and come out the other side a better ATHLETE. I also know that you don’t rely on Crossfit to lose weight, you RELY on your healthy diet to reach your weightloss goals, and if this means being even more diligent that you will do that, because nothing is stopping you from achieving your goal in the next twelve weeks. Not even back pain.

And you would listen to my genius advice, you would be inspired, you would stop crying and you would laugh. You would accept this break as a gift, you would take a few days to work on your blog, catch up on some reading, and connect to your God on a more spiritual level. You would pray a little harder, that you might use this time to listen and learn about the journey you are on from His perspective, and he would tell you what he has been telling you for the last 3 years: Write, Cook, Exercise and soon the bigger plan will make sense.

You would say, “Thanks. It really means a lot to me, to have a friend like you.” I would hug you and I would say a prayer that God heals you again, and that you remain faithful to his plan for your life.