Inspiration!!!! But will it last?

I love the New Year, and this year I promised myself that I would not make any weight loss resolutions. Crossfit works for me, eating mostly paleo and cutting out grains, legumes and alcohol works for me, and I didn’t give up or lose track last year, quite the opposite: I have never been more focused than 2012, my derail came from surgery. I had to stop working out, I needed to heal, and I discovered that when I stop working out a few things happen that I think are important to address:

1.) I get really super sad AND BORED!

2.) When I get really super sad AND BORED, I want to eat more (and not more salad).

3.)When I eat more, I get even more sad…see #2.

Now the good news is that within a month of my injury I realized this pattern and I found it completely ridiculous. I see how flawed this cycle is, and honestly I don’t need to nourish my emotions with food. I prayed that the Lord fill me up with something new, and he answered my prayer immediately and I started to sew, filling my time with art and creative energy was just an incredible rediscovery of how much I missed the hands on process of making something. My heart started to change, and I knew it was time for new things. New career, new approach to weight loss and a renewed sense of hope.

Anyway, I digress, this was such an awesome revelation, that I could make it through a tough time without completely destroying my fitness. Now, I have gained some weight, and I have definitely lost muscle mass, but I have not lost sight of my goals which is amazing! I miss Crossfit, and I cannot wait to get back to it!!

So this brings me back to New Years…I didn’t want a resolution, because I choose to live an active life and I choose to eat a healthy diet, but I have been so inspired by the people around me that I have decided, not to make a resolution, but to make a commitment to myself and to kick it off, I am going to do a Whole30 cleanse/fast starting today.

The commitment is this: I will work everyday to create the best possible life for myself. I will pray everyday for guidance and clarity. I will not use food as a coping mechanism for other parts of my life that may not be working.

The truth is that my life is in crazy upheaval presently, but I know that if I maintain my diet and exercise routine, increase my prayer life and focus my eyes on God instead of pie, that no matter what I am facing, whether challenge or blessing, that I will come out stronger and this changes everything!

I am so very inspired right now, and not just to lose the last 30 pounds, but to change the landscape of my life. I ask myself, will this inspiration last? and I reminded of the only resolution I made, which was to BELIEVE and TRUST in God’s planning and timing, my responsibility is to listen and act. I plan to live a year fearlessly following my God, and this is an awesome resolution!! I don’t clearly know what is in store for me, but at this very moment I would like nothing more than to follow my heart….wherever it may lead me.