I just ate this and it was delicious!


I am 11 days into Whole30, and although I am not being super hard core…like my salad dressing came from a bottle – GASP!! I am adhering to the basic tenets of the program, cutting out alcohol and getting back to basic paleo! Normally I eat paleo about 80% of the time, but I am gung ho to rebuild my immune system and lose weight post surgery (and the holidays!) I have gained 11 pounds since my forced break began in September, but have already lost 5 since starting the cleanse!! Yay! I will be back at Crossfit in the next day or two, I am just trying to shake this sinus infection and then I will be ready to rock…albeit, I am going back with 100% focus on reconditioning my body and doing everything in my power to perform with perfect form on every lift. I cannot afford to get hurt again!! Anyway this was my yummy dinner tonight: arugula & red cabbage salad with blackberries, sweet potato fries cooked in bacon fat & pork roast that’s been simmering away all day in the crock pot! Easy dinner that nourished my body and my spirit! January is going so well, I spent an hour today writing out my goals and dreams for 2013 & there were 3 prevalent goals: Write more! Cook every day (hopefully as a personal chef!) Continue with my transformation and finally reach my weight loss goal!

How is 2013 going for you? What is your dream for this year?