the day after a snow day

2013 Photos 407I have had a lovely week so far, since Saturday I have reigned in my diet and said farewell (yet again) to wheat and am focusing on a primal-ish diet. Overall I feel much less sluggish and alert and my body just feels healthier. My Crossfit WOD’s have been wonderful, now that I am back at it for a month I have started to regain some strength and I feel much less like a stranger at my box (still feeling a bit out of sorts in my body though). I even have started incorporating some at home workouts into my routine and I am excited to say these are going really well!! Treadmill sprints, air squats, push-ups, jumping pull-ups, even burpees.August 2012!

All in all, I am back in my groove and I am so happy, because I was looking at my progress pictures from this summer and dang, I looked and felt so good! I cannot wait to get back there. Seriously. The truth is, post surgery my range of motion is so much improved and my overall strength has actually maintained. I am glad I eased back into Crossfit and I am so looking forward to reaching all of my goals as I move forward into my fitness.

This time of my life is truly full of uncertainty but instead of becoming fearful or terrified I am looking to the Lord, my God, for strength and I am continuing to do the work I need to do. I am so faithful and confident that even though I don’t know what’s coming next, there is a plan for my life. I don’t know what I would do without my relationship with Christ, he changed everything, took light into the dark places of my heart and I feel flooded and overwhelmed. It’s good to have that kind of love living in me, especially when this world is so full of uncertainty. I was made for this and he answers my prayers, every time.

I wanted to share a few of my goals as I look ahead to March. (I can’t believe it’s almost March 1st! Especially since we have had two blizzards in the last few days!)

Goals for March in no particular order: Reach Onederland! Continue dreaming of impossible things. Make the Crossfit Rap video and become youtube sensation! Find joy in all the little things. Be thankful, prayerful and intentional in my relationships and conversations. Try dating (maybe you’ll like it?) Continue focusing on a primal diet & post more recipes! Love everyone! Keep my goals in sight, and constantly remind myself why I am working hard to achieve them. Have at least one unexpected adventure. Try not to be dogmatic in your diet, make room for the moments of excess (just make sure they are moments and not week long binges!) Most importantly, get a haircut, a really good one and tip your stylist too much.

So be good to each other out there, and remember how you treat the people who serve you, is a true reflection of your heart!