About Fit Chick by 40

My name is Kelly and I am a 30 something singleton with a penchant for comedy, culinary art, Crossfit and a faithfulness to Jesus.  I have two dogs that are my adoring companions and snuggle buddies and an amazing family that is loving and supportive of my dreams.

I started doing Crossfit in June 2012, when my friends and former personal trainer opened a Crossfit box less than a mile from my house. Intimidated at first, I started having dreams about becoming an elite Crossfitter. For two months prior to actually stepping foot in the box, I was having trouble sleeping because I would fall asleep thinking about what I was missing, and wondering if I could really keep up with the workouts. I prayed about committing to the program and God made it pretty clear that becoming a Crossfitter was absolutely the right next step in my journey. I had come along as a weightlifter, but was getting bored with my same routine and had stopped seeing any real progress in my body shape or strength. I had even started running more regularly (to my own chagrin) just to try something new, but I really didn’t know how to become a runner and honestly it just wasn’t fun.

Four years ago I was the saddest girl in the world. I had a personal tragedy that was defining my daily existence. It was only when I started weight lifting that my world started to change, and then in May of 2011 I had an encounter that healed the darkness in my heart: I became a Christian. By the grace of God and daily perseverance I have changed completely, I have lost to date over 40 pounds (some of it more than once) and my body is becoming something beautiful to me. I get stronger every day, and with Christ in my heart I have the foundation to face every challenge with JOY and gratitude. I still have so many goals I aim to accomplish, but losing weight has been a the top of my list since I was 11, so I guess better late than never.

I didn’t imagine that I would be in my 30’s focused on becoming an athlete, but this is where God wants me, and I know this is the path. I look forward to sharing my journey with the 1 person that reads my blog (hi dad!) but writing helps me process, keeps me motivated and above all I hope that my experiences can help someone get started or get motivated. Anything is possible. Truly. I have faith in God and I believe in the Crossfit program, it’s not just changing my body, it’s strengthening my mind, it’s challenging me to be stronger and to stop setting limitations on what I am capable of.  Change is hard. It’s painful, it stinks (like I really need a shower after this morning’s WOD) and mostly it’s a slow and time consuming process, but I cannot imagine being in a place where I wasn’t working toward my dreams. I have lived in that reality, it’s miserable.

“I will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born, says the Lord”  Isaiah 66:9 NCV