Helen 3 Rounds 400 meter run 21 kettlebell swings (20 lb) 12 pull-ups (assisted) 14:00 Ah, Crossfit. Today my hands are a wee bit trashed. I busted a callous on my thumb and… Continue reading


I just wanted to make a quick post…I faced Fran¬†(that’s what I think I look like!!)¬†again today, and I feel really good about the progress I have made in 2 months! 21/15/9 Thrusters… Continue reading

Sweet Potato Chipotle Chili (Paleo)

I grew up in a bean family, where chili is/was and will ever be a delicious concoction of beans, ground beef, more beans, and some extra beans. My mom really does make delicious… Continue reading

Paleo 60: Before

Paleo Light…I’m a Cave Lady.

Breakfast will be the same every day: 1 egg 1 slice of ezekiel bread with butter 1 piece of fruit 1 piece of bacon if I so desire…cause that’s how I roll Lunch… Continue reading

Bacon Wrapped Cod

As I launch into today’s commitment to “Paleo Light” I am also cleaning out the fridge. This recipe doesn’t exactly meet the specs of my new diet, but the slight amount of dairy… Continue reading

September & October: the plan

I have been doing Crossfit for approximately 3 months and I have genuinely loved every moment. The unfortunate thing is that I have also spent the last 3 months struggling with back pain,… Continue reading

August Stats (otherwise known as the least interesting post of the day…except to me…this is awesome!!)

Deadlift: 5 RM 175 lbs (current goal weight) Back Squat: 1 RM 215 lbs Front Squat: 5 RM 135 lbs Snatch/Overhead Squat: 65 lbs working weight Thruster/Push Press: Working weight 45 lbs (need… Continue reading

before/somewhere in the middle

Here is somebody that I used to know. She was sad. New Year’s 2009 @ 241 lbs. This was before fitness happened to me. It has been a long road to transform and… Continue reading

A Case of the Monday’s

Sometimes I shouldn’t look at the workout before I head to the box, unfortunately I am terrible with suprises and the workout is usually posted right as I am getting home from work…so… Continue reading